Safe & Informed


“Volunteering is at the very core of being a human. No one has made it through life without someone else’s help.”


Coordinator of the project


Asociación Deses-3 acts in the Youth field to guarantee the integral development of young people, especially in difficult conditions. To achieve local Youth empowerment, the association organizes and promotes, as both hosting and sending entity, Erasmus+ KA1 and KA2 activities, mainly youth exchanges, training courses, volunteering projects and all those non-formal educational events animated by its youth workers.




Formative Footprint is an educational design organization located in Spain, in the province of Valladolid. FF has experience in the field of Adult education, youth, school education, VET and University. Formative Footprint is specialized in the design and creation of new training processes tailored to the specific needs of the 21st century.



Team4Excellence is romanian organization whose scope is to improve the socio-economic conditions and all aspects of the quality of life through education, research and consulting to address societal challenges. T4E produces and transfers know-how through cooperation with domestic and international social, academic and business partners. T4E is active in youth work by promoting youth and educators mobility, voluntarism, diversity, equality, tolerance, involvement, participation, engagement and empowerment and by helping these to gain additional knowledge, attitudes, transversal competences and skills.



Federation of Youth Associations of Braga (FAJUB)

FAJUB is a Portuguese organization that politically represents the youth associations of the District of Braga both locally, nationally and internationally. FAJUB’s main position is to represent the youth associations of Braga in the meetings of the Municipal and National Councils and to defend the interests between the public and political powers of the youth associations movement. This position allows active participation in the definition of youth policies, in general, and the youth associative movement. 



This project is part of Key Action 2 Cooperation for innovation for youth on the topic of promoting safe and informed European volunteering, with a duration of 24 months and a consortium made up of four organizations from Spain, Romania and Portugal.

Target groups:

  • Direct target group: young people, especially the ones with an interest in volunteering
  • Indirect target group: ESC accredited NGOs or planning to get accredited, NGOs active in local/national/european/international volunteering and their representatives, volunteers coordinators, tutors, mentors,leaders, youth workers


Promote a safe and informed volunteering process, enabling more youth access to valuable information regarding the places where the volunteering opportunities appear, through the shared opinions of previous volunteers in those places.



1st TMP

First meeting is organised in Spain and its goal is to review the project’s working schedule, each other’s tasks and duties related to the project management activities and the dissemination strategy.

2nd TMP

Second meeting is organised in Romania and the consortium and its goals are to analyse, monitor and evaluate the previous tasks and activities  in order to make sure they were executed properly, as those activities are the base of project results. Each partner will present their work performed so far and will plan the next activities

3rd TMP

Third meeting is organised in Portugal and its main objective is to decide upon the final design and content of the APP and about the information and the results that are to be disseminated during the multiplier events.