Transnational Meetings

TPM 🇷🇴

Transnational meeting - Romania
05th of September 2022

About 2nd TPM

On the 5th of September 2022, one delegate of each partner’s organization attended the second transnational project meeting hosted by TEAM4Excellence Association, în Agigea-Constanta, Romania. During the meeting, partners discussed the results of the Focus groups implemented in each partner country and selected the relevant information that is important for a youth person, who is volunteering abroad, to know in advance, in order not to create wrong expectations related to the place of volunteering. These will serve as an input for the App that will be developed in the next stage of the project.
In addition, partners discussed aspects related to the quality, management as well as dissemination of project results.
TPM 🇪🇸

Transnational meeting - Spain
12th of December 2021

About 1st TPM

On 12th of December 2021, 2 members of each partner’s organization attended the Kick of Meeting, hosted by Deses-3, in Valladolid, Spain. During the meeting, partners discussed all the important details which will lead to the creation of the expected result, as well as other aspects related to the management, dissemination and quality.