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The main tangible result will be an APP - a free digital tool which will support NGOs active in European Solidarity Corps projects. It will improve the selection process of the volunteers and also the development of the volunteering projects.



The APP will serve as an instrument to improve the participation of all young people in ESC projects in an informed and secure manner, will facilitate pre-preparation for European volunteering, as well as integration at the site of volunteering and will overcome the mismatch between the expectations of the volunteers and the reality of the project’s place. The APP will be designed containing categories representing important aspects regarding the cities/towns/villages in which there are located ESC accredited organizations, to facilitate the access of details regarding the cost of living, access to facilities and services, safety, free time activities etc. The categories and their relevance, as well as the content will be generated after an online focus group with the direct and indirect target group from each partner's countries, ensuring in this manner the pertinence of the entire content of the APP.

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