Dissemination Event 1

Romania 🇷🇴

"Who wants to be a sporty volunteer" – TEAM4Excellence


On 24 March 2023. TEAM4Excellence visited the “Lazăr Edeleanu” Technological High School in Năvodari, Constanta County, Romania to facilitate a workshop on volunteering for the 9th C class. The workshop was facilitated by Nicoleta Acomi and Daria Barbu from TEAM4Excellence and aimed to promote sport volunteering activities, digital education and the Erasmus+ project Safe&Informed Volunteering.

Firstly, the nearly 20 students had to define volunteering in their own terms using the Mentimeter app. They associated volunteering with responsibility, work, help and involvement. Then, the facilitators introduced them to the opportunities offered by the European Solidarity Corps and the ways in which young people can choose their type of volunteering. The discussion then focused on volunteering in sport. Here, they worked in groups on an activity in which they had to identify the long- and short-term benefits and drawbacks of sport and volunteering activities. The activity was followed by a discussion with the students based on the results of teamwork.

The second activity consisted in identifying two actions for sport volunteering, a digital action and a face-to-face action. Some of their responses were: donating sports equipment to the underprivileged, organising charity sports competitions and marathons, facilitating online training sessions with people who cannot afford a personal trainer and organising campaigns to promote sport both online and offline.

 At the end, Nicoleta Acomi presented to the young people the actions and results of the SIV project, especially the application and the website, from where they can get safe and proper information when choosing their volunteer organisation or the type of volunteering according to their needs.