Dissemination Event 2

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"Who Wants to Be a Green Volunteer?" – FORMATIVE FOOTPRINT


The “Who Wants to Be a Green Volunteer?” event was a dynamic and inspiring gathering that brought together passionate individuals eager to make a positive impact on the environment through volunteering. Hosted by Formative Footprint the 17th of May in Valladolid, this event aimed to create awareness about green volunteering and promote sustainability practices among the attendees.

What We Did: 

Engaging Talks – Current and former volunteers shared their firsthand experiences in volunteering in general and more specifically in environmental and sustainability projects. They highlighted the challenges they faced, the successes they achieved, and the rewarding aspects of volunteering. 

Networking Opportunities – Attendees had the chance to connect with like-minded individuals, representatives from NGOs, and organizations involved in environmental volunteering. Networking sessions fostered collaborations and opened doors to potential volunteering opportunities.


Raise Environmental Awareness – The event aimed to increase awareness of environmental issues and the importance of collective efforts in protecting the planet.

Promote Green Volunteering – By sharing inspiring stories and opportunities, the event encouraged more people to actively participate in environmental volunteering projects.

Create a Volunteer Community – The event sought to build a community of passionate green volunteers who could support each other and collaborate on future initiatives.

Overall, “Who Wants to Be a Green Volunteer?” was a successful event that united individuals with a shared vision for a better planet. It aimed to ignite a spark in each attendee to continue their journey as green volunteers and contribute to environmental protection in their own unique ways.