Dissemination Event 3

Spain 🇪🇸

"Who Wants to Be a Cultural Volunteer" – Asociacion Deses 3


On the 25th of May 2023, Asociación Deses 3 hosted a transformative event, “Who Wants to Be a Cultural Volunteer”. It was an unforgettable journey of cultural exploration and artistic expression that left a profound impact on all attendees. From the moment the passionate volunteers took the stage, sharing their captivating stories from their experiences in cultural and artistic volunteering projects, the room was filled with a contagious energy of enthusiasm for cultural volunteering.

The event’s target group consisted of young and enthusiastic individuals passionate about culture and arts. They were eager to explore the plethora of volunteering opportunities offered by the ESC projects, both locally and internationally. The comprehensive explanation of the ESC program, its objectives, benefits, and transformative experiences, kindled a spark of curiosity in the hearts of the young attendees. Many of them were drawn to the idea of combining their interests in culture and arts with volunteering, recognizing the potential for personal growth and the chance to create a positive impact on communities.

The enthusiasm in the room was palpable as participants expressed an immediate desire to embark on an ESC project, seeking guidance and support to take their first steps as cultural volunteers. Witnessing the genuine interest and determination of these young individuals was truly heartwarming. The event not only ignited a passion for cultural volunteering but also sowed the seeds of change and empowerment in their hearts.

As organizers, Asociación Deses 3 was immensely proud to have connected these eager participants with the ESC program, knowing that it would lead to meaningful contributions in the future. The impact of this event extended far beyond the virtual gathering, as it cultivated a community of young changemakers, eager to make a lasting impact on the world through cultural volunteering.